MEET US NOW! WatchGas is a manufacturer of high-end gas detection equipment and we have a wide range of portable monitors, transportable gas detection, fixed gas detectors ánd accessories ready for your application. We ensure your safe return home every day!

Deciding on a portable solution? We can offer you just that! WatchGas is dedicated to keep your people safe on the job, so that they can enjoy their pensions after a life of hard work. Our professionals have over thirty years of experience in the world of gas detection, this makes us an important and trustworthy supplier of gas detection solutions. Our range of gas detectors exists of a single gas device, multi-gas device and leak detectors.

Our line of fixed gas detection consists of multiple controllers and transmitters for safe area and hazardous area use. We can offer a complete portfolio of gas detectors for LEL, toxic gases, and Oxygen detection.

Looking for some extras to make your products work even better and keep your employees even safer? Take a look at our assortment of various accessories to discover your possibilities!