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PDM mono docking station

The WatchGas PDM Mono Bump & Docking Station keeps the monitor correctly configured and tested and fully functional. Bump testing portable monitors is becoming more and more prevalent in the market.

  • User-friendly single button operation;
  • Battery-powered;
  • Automatic log storage.



Ensuring sensors are responding to a known concentration of gas remains the best way to verify the monitor has not become impeded.


WatchGas PDM Mono Bump & Docking Station provides bump testing, event management, and calibration from a simple to use station. It also maintains all-important event logs that demonstrate users are working within company requirements.


The PDM and PDM+ can be calibrated or bump tested automatically without the use of a wall socket, making this mono dock ideal for an n-site use where sockets can be scarce.

Product information

  • User-friendly single button operation;
  • Efficient because of wide operating temperature range;
  • Easy to transport and lightweight;
  • Battery-powered;
  • Automatic log storage.
Size 18.2 x 22.8 x 9.2cm
Weight (without gas cylinder) 885 grams
Operating Temperature 5 to +40°C
Battery Life 1600 bump tests
Memory 8GB included
User Options Location, Gas expiration date, Gas lot numbers, gas concentrations, bump/Cal time.

PDM/PDM+ Mono Dock - Datasheet

PDM/PDM+ Mono Dock - Manual