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We are WatchGas, your high-end quality solution for all your gas detection challenges 

Global manufacturer of reliable and trustworthy gas detection equipment 

We ensure your every day safety on the job while working in high-risk gas environments.  

WatchGas started originally as a gas detection manufacturer, based in Europe, in the first quarter of 2018. Startegically located in the biggest logistic hub in this area, Rotterdam (The Netherlands). With our solid Headquarters in Rotterdam, we grew to build more WatchGas offices in the United States, Singapore and Dubai. We have regional sales managers and distributors globally. No matter where you are or what your challenge might be, we are the best partner for you.  

Our products

We support all our equipment with calibration gases, training, long-life sensors and fast service so that our worldwide customers receive the highest protection and user friendliness possible from our gas detectors.

  • storage

  • installation companies

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POLI Advanced Multi-Gas Detector
  • Confined spaces

  • Environmental

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XDIwin Explosion proof gas detector
  • Parking garages

  • Environmental

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COMBI 16/64/80 Control Unit
  • Boiler rooms

  • water treatment

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Atex beacon light alarm
  • Fire & gas detection

  • Machine safety

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  • Wide range of applications

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BALLFLOAT confined space clearance
  • Wide range of applications

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Welcome to the team!

As we look to increase our Global Reach, we are excited to announce that Matthew Nardella and Jason Jones have joined the WatchGas family. They add even more decades of knowledge to the WatchGas team by joining us. They will be responsible for the Australia and New Zealand region and work closely with our partners to ensure they get the support they deserve. Join us in welcoming Matt and Jason to the team, and watch this space for more great news.

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Gas Detection facts: 9 different applications for hydrogen peroxide

It's well known that hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can be used for hair bleaching, but there are a lot of other uses as well. We discuss 9 applications for hydrogen peroxide in this blog and we introduce you to our WatchGas PDM+. The perfect gas detector to detect H2O2. More information on the PDM+ ? Check out the product page or get in touch with us.

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Detecting Phosphine? Our UNI Sustainable might be the solution

Are you aware of the gases released during a fumigation process? One of the main fumigants for pest control, for example, is 𝗣𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗽𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗲 (𝗣𝗛𝟯). This gas spreads well in enclosed spaces and is highly toxic.

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Meet the WatchGas QGM

In need of a gas detector you can use as a  1 up to 4-gas detector?  Easy to use in a great variety of applications? Then the WatchGas QGM sounds like an excellent solution for your needs.

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Providing hospital with oxygen detection

At the height of the corona pandemic, many frontline workers and healthcare institutions were struggling with capacity. To counter this shortage, many temporary emergency hospitals were built around the world.

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XDIwin Explosion proof gas detector

Deciding for a solution instead of just a product for your gas detection challenge?

We can help you out. For example, an alarm installation is only as good as its ability to communicate. The WatchGas XDIwin is outfitted with a potential-free contact, to communicate with our WatchGas ATEX Beacon. Providing you with safety even in the harshest environments.

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Everything you need to know about pentane (C5H12)

Pentane (C5H12) is one of the most volatile liquid alkanes at ambient temperature. Therefore, it is often used in laboratories as a solvent that can evaporate quickly and easily. However, this gas can be found in more applications. Pentane can also be added to refrigerant systems as a refrigerant fluid additive or to produce (polystyrene) foams.

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PDM portable sustainable single gas detector WatchGas

Detecting H2O2? Check out our PDM+

'Disinfection is defined as the treatment of surfaces/equipment using physical or chemical means such that the amount of microorganisms present is reduced to an acceptable level'  (Krop, 1990).

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NEW: UNI Sustainable Phosgene (COCl2)

2004 Fuzhou, China. A laboratory accidentally released phosgene into the air.

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Have you seen our single gas detectors?

At WatchGas, we have multiple solutions available, like for example the disposable PDM and the UNI Sustainable.

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Meet our POLI

This gas detector offers a full selection of sensors for a wide range of applications.

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NEW: WatchGas UNI Sustainable Arsine (AsH3)

Arsine is a particularly toxic gas, used in, for example, semiconductor synthesis and forensics.

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Now available from stock: The WatchGas PDM PRO CO2

A portable, sustainable safety solution for carbon dioxide (CO2) detection in e.g. the food/beverage, breweries, refrigeration, or packaging industries.

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Are you in a hurry? We got you covered

We got an urgent inquiry for 100 POLI 5-gas detectors through our distributor in Italy for a shutdown of a major refinery.

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NEO High-End Photo Ionization Detector

The basics of a Photoionization Detector (PID)

A photoionization detector (PID) uses low- wavelength UV light to eject electrons off-target compounds in the air or other gas.

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