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Gas detectors

Are you on the lookout for high-quality gas detectors, such as a transportable gas detector device? Or are you in need of a fitting gas detector for your company, but are you not sure that it is the right fit for your work environment? Our professionals at WatchGas gladly help you out. Furthermore, we are building an evergrowing network of local distributors all around the world. With our master distributor – 7Solutions in Gas Detection – we serve the Benelux, the DACH-region and Poland. Moreover, we have regional sales managers in Scandinavia, Abu Dhabi and Peru. Would you like to become a distributor? Read to learn more about the function of the gas detectors from a manufacturer and supplier like us and find a gas detector device that fits your needs.

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We support all our equipment with calibration gases, training, long-life sensors and fast service so that our worldwide customer base receives the highest protection and user-friendly equipment possible from our gas detectors.


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Single gas detector
  • storage

  • installation companies

Portable single icon arrow

POLI Advanced Multi-Gas Detector
  • Confined spaces

  • Environmental

Portable multi icon arrow

XDIwin Explosion proof gas detector
  • Parking garages

  • Environmental

Fixed detectors icon arrow

COMBI 16/64/80 Control Unit
  • Boiler rooms

  • water treatment

Control panels icon arrow

Atex beacon light alarm
  • Fire & gas detection

  • Machine safety

Beacons icon arrow

  • Wide range of applications

Docking station & charging cradle icon arrow

BALLFLOAT confined space clearance
  • Wide range of applications

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Various gas detectors for different challenges

As a manufacturer of high-end gas detection equipment, we offer a wide range of indispensable gas detectors for any company that works with dangerous gases. By choosing a gas detector type from WatchGas, you will guarantee a safe and healthy work environment for your employees. For example, we offer:

A WatchGas gas detector device is accustomed to our customers’ needs and wishes. Therefore, our Research & Development team designs a fitting solution for every gas detection challenge. Almost every gas detector device from our company is ATEX-certified. The gas detectors with this certificate can be used in environments with combustible gases.

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The function of a gas detector alarm

A gas detector is a safety device used to identify the presence of hazardous gases in an environment. These devices monitor the air for dangerous levels of gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, and many others. When a gas detector alarm senses a concentration of gas that exceeds the preset threshold, it triggers an alert to warn the occupants of the danger. This early warning allows individuals to evacuate the area, ventilate the space, or take other necessary actions to mitigate the risk of exposure and prevent potential health hazards or explosive situations. A gas detection alarm provides immediate and noticeable alerts. These alarms typically include visual signals, such as flashing lights, and auditory signals, like loud sirens or beeps, to ensure that everyone in the vicinity is aware of the potential danger. Some advanced systems also include digital displays showing the type and concentration of the detected gas.

Find a fitting gas detector solution for your work environment

As a manufacturer and supplier, we always have a fitting gas detector device and an excellent solution for your gas detection needs. Would you like to know more about our industrial gas detectors or are you curious to what type of gas detector device will fit your company’s needs? Feel free to contact us. Our professionals are eager to tell you more about our first-class products and – if you are interested – they will provide you with extensive information and useful advice about the function of any type of gas detector alarm.

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