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Industrial gas detectors

At WatchGas, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of industrial gas detectors designed to ensure the safety and security of your workplace. These detectors are essential for monitoring industrial peroxide, a powerful oxidizing agent used in various industrial processes. However, due to its highly reactive nature, it poses significant risks if not properly monitored. Our top-of-the-line industrial gas detectors provide the reliable and precise detection needed to manage these dangers effectively.

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We support all our equipment with calibration gases, training, long-life sensors and fast service so that our worldwide customer base receives the highest protection and user-friendly equipment possible from our gas detectors.


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Single gas detector
  • storage

  • installation companies

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POLI Advanced Multi-Gas Detector
  • Confined spaces

  • Environmental

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XDIwin Explosion proof gas detector
  • Parking garages

  • Environmental

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COMBI 16/64/80 Control Unit
  • Boiler rooms

  • water treatment

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Atex beacon light alarm
  • Fire & gas detection

  • Machine safety

Beacons icon arrow

  • Wide range of applications

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BALLFLOAT confined space clearance
  • Wide range of applications

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The importance of industrial gas detectors for detecting peroxide

Industrial peroxide, also referred to as hydrogen peroxide, is widely utilized in bleaching, disinfecting, and water treatment. However, due to its highly reactive nature, it poses significant risks if not properly monitored. As specialists in gas detection equipment, we understand the critical importance of monitoring industrial peroxide. This chemical, while beneficial in many applications, can be hazardous. Exposure to high levels of industrial peroxide can lead to severe health issues, including respiratory irritation and skin burns. To mitigate these risks, our industrial gas detectors are specifically calibrated to detect even the smallest traces of hydrogen peroxide in the air. Our gas detectors offer real-time alerts, enabling swift action to protect your workforce and maintain a safe environment.

XDIwin Explosion proof gas detector

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For those in need of industrial gas detectors, our selection ensures you will find the perfect solution. Our range of industrial gas detectors to monitor peroxide is meticulously designed to cover all your needs. In addition to our detectors for industrial peroxide, we also offer specialized detectors for hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas that can pose serious health threats. Contact us today to find the ideal solution tailored to your requirements.

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