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The XDI-F1 Gas Sensor is capable of utilizing a wide range of sensor cell types offering an unmatched number of gases that may be monitored. Standard 4~20mA signaling with CANbus address enables the sensors to be networked via the WatchGas Combi control system or customer preferred monitoring systems.


Available Models

  • XDI-F1
  • XDI-F6
  • Red Line Prime – XDI-F1
  • Red Line Prime – XDI-F1 – CO2

Product information

Weight 1.6KG
Temperature -15°C to +55°C - safe area use For hazardous area use see temperature ranges on C1227 (Ex certification summary)
Humidity 5 to 95% RH Non-condensing
Alarm Signal Acoustic: 85dB @ 10cm 1, 2, 3 and Fault Alarms - mutable Visual: Two line alpha numeric back lit display Power - Green LED Alarms 1, 2, 3 - Red LED's Fault - Amber LED Alarms inhibit - Amber LED
Housing & Material Housing Material : Copper free aluminium alloy, optional stainless steel Sensor Material: Stainless steel 316S16 Finish: Chemical resistant epoxy paint / RAL 9003 signal white Optional - Marine grade finish
Data Log Adressable sensors only Intervals - variable time, rollover/stop Storage - 2,880 readings
Power Supply 18 to 35vDC 24v nominal
Outputs • 3 wire 4~20mA / 4 wire CANbus • optional relays - • Low alarm S.P.C.O. • High alarm S.P.C.O. • Fault alarm S.P.C.O. • Inhibit option during servicing Rating 0.5A @30vDC
Cable Entry 2x M20 - 1.5 pitch - alternatives 25mm - 3/4 NPT
IP Rating IP64 + water shield IP65 with hydrophobic screen IP66
EMC EN 50270
Safety Certification Explosion proof ATEX-IECEx II 2G Ex db IIC T6... T4 Gb II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C... T135°C Db
Sensor Type Infra Red, Electrochemical, Catalytic, Semiconductor, PID
Gas Type / Range Flammable gases - LEL / %Vol Toxic gases - ppm/ppb Oxygen %vol
Accessoiries Collector Cone & Universal Fitting Universal fitting (Test Gas Applicator/Spray Deflector) Water Shield - stainless steel Flow Block - nylatron Flow Block - stainless steel Duct Mount Kit Detector Head Weather Shield F1 Sensor Thermal JAcket

XDI-F1 C744 - Datasheet

XDI-F6 C959 - Datasheet

XDI-PID C1505 - Datasheet

RED LINE PRIME XDI-F1 C1619 - Datasheet

RED LINE PRIME XDI-F1 C1621 - Datasheet

XDI C1882 - Technical notes

XDI C1883 - Technical notes

XDI C1884 - Technical notes

XDI: AP 14a: ”VOC Correction Factor gas Listing (10.6eV)” - Application notes

Set Up procedure WatchGas XDI-XDIwin – 15-30J Toxic-Oxygen Transmitter - Set up procedure