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The Last-O-More Sampling Hose offers the best performance for the price. It has low adsorption, so you get accurate results.


Gas chromatography analysis shows low adsorption on benzene. Low adsorption means high accuracy. Other gas types show similar results. The hose is covered in an anti-tangle agent so it is easy to detangle. It comes in two sizes: 3x5mm and 5x8mm.

Product information

Dimensions 3x5mm Artnr. 411 0018 038 5x8mm Artnr. 411 0018 039
Hardness shore A 60 - 65
Density g/cm³ 2,01 ± 0,03
Tensile Strength N/mm² 8
>strong>Elongation at Break 280 %
Resilience 8%
Shape Retention At 24 h /175°C 20%
Temperature Resistant -18°C to +200°C
Short Time Heat Exposure +250°C
In Compliance With IEC/TS 60079-32 1:2015

LAST-O-MORE - Datasheet

LAST-O-MORE: TN 17 ”Choosing the right gas sampling tube” - Technical notes