Advanced Multi-Gas Detector

The POLI multi-gas detectors offer 4 or 5-gas monitoring of Oxygen (O2), combustibles (LEL), toxic, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and volatile organic vapors (VOCs). The MP400 and MP400P are basic models of O2, LEL, Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) configuration in diffusion- and pump for compliance application. The MP400S adopts a full range of sensor selection, e.g. electrochemical (EC), pellistor, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR), and photo-ionization detector (PID) in pumped version. An option of wireless communication enables real-time monitoring of gas readings and alarm status including Man Down Alarm from remote locations for better visibility and faster response.

  • Available in diffusion- or pumped version;
  • Man Down Alarm with real-time remote wireless notification;
  • IP-65 (pumped versions) and IP-67 (diffusion versions);
  • With water and dust resistant case;
  • Real-time gas concentration readings and alarm status enabled by state-of-the-art wireless technology;
  • Large graphical display icon-driven user interface through intuitive, simple-to-operate two-button user interface;
  • Easy access to pump, sensor, filter, and battery;
  • Over 30 interchangeable sensor options, including PID for VOC, NDIR and catalytic for combustibles, and NDIR for CO2;
  • Intelligent sensors store calibration data, so they can be swapped in the field.


Size 140mm x 84mm x 42mm
Weight 435g (pumped), 385g (diffusion)
Sensor Technology Over 30 interchangeable and field-replaceable sensors including PID for VOC's, EC for toxic and O2, Pellistor for LEL and NDIR for LEL, vol% and CO2
Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
Humidity 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Alarm Type High alarm, low alarm, TWA alarm, STEL alarm, Man-Down alarm with pre-alarm, on-screen indication of alarm conditions
Alarm Signal Acoustic: 95dB @ 30cm
Visual: Flashing bright red LEDs
Panic Alarm Yes
Display 128 x 128 graphical 45 x 44 mm LCD Display, with LED backlight for enhanced readability. Automatic screen 'flip' feature
Calibration 2-point calibration, zero and span. Power-on zero calibration with user confirmation. MonoDock allows automatic bump test and calibration.
Data Log Continuous datalogging (6 months for 4 sensors at 1-minute intervals, 24 hours/day and 7 days/week)
Battery Operating Time Diffusive with LEL Cat: 16h
Pumped with LEL Cat: 12h
Diffusive with LEL IR: 60h
Pumped with LEL IR: 28h
Only EC sensors: 60h
Measurement Built-in pump (sample from up to 30m) or diffusion
Housing Polycarbonate and rubber
Response time T90 Sensors: 15 sec (LEL/CO/H2S/O2)
Other gases may vary (TN4: Sensor Technical Data Summeries)

Hoses: 10m: 60s/ 20m: 90s/ 30m: 120s
Accuracy Deviation 2-3%
IP-Rating IP65 (pump versions)
IP67 (diffusion versions)
EMI/RFI Compliant with EMC 2014/30/EU
Safety Certifications UL: Class I, Div 1, Group A,B,C,D, T4, -20°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +50°C
IECEX: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
ATEX: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
CE: Conformité Européenne
Warranty 2 years on instruments
2 years on sensors for pelistor LEL, LEL/%vol, O2, CO, CO2, H2S, SO2, HCN, NO, NO2 and PH3
1 year on other sensors

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