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A 4-way gas monitor is an important addition to any company that works with dangerous gasses. At WatchGas, we have been manufacturing high-end equipment for gas detection. With our high-quality solutions, such as our 4-way gas monitor, we are building a quick-growing network of distributors worldwide.

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Which gases does a 4-way gas monitor detect?

To keep health and safety onboard in check, there are some basics that have to be in place. For example, if confined spaces remain unchecked, they can become death traps – employees would quickly become unconscious and do not realize that dangerous gases are present. A 4-way gas monitor protects your employees by detecting the four most common hazards:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Oxygen depletion (CO2)
  • Flammable gases

Gas is dangerous on many levels; they can be explosive, toxic, extremely flammable and deathly. Probably one of the most dangerous traits that characterize gases, is that some of the most toxic ones are color- and odorless: they are silent killers. Therefore, a 4-way gas monitor is indispensable when employees could come into contact with any dangerous gas. We also offer single gas detectors, such as a CO monoxide detector or an arsine gas detector.

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