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#WeaAreWatchGas, a renowned and worldwide gas detection manufacturer for all your gas detection equipment. We ensure your safety when working with gas, for example with our CO2 gas detector or our man down detector. WatchGas started officially in Europe in the first quarter of 2018. Strategically located in the biggest logistic hub in Europe, the Rotterdam area (the Netherlands).

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We support both our portable and fixed systems with calibration gases, training, long life sensors, and service so that our customers achieve the highest protection possible from our gas detection equipment. Browse our manuals and datasheets for more information.


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NEW: UNI Sustainable Phosgene (COCl2)

2004 Fuzhou, China. A laboratory accidentally released phosgene into the air. Over 240 people ended up in the hospital and one even lost his life. This gas is extremely harmful to your health. Exposure to high ...

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130 new QGM's on the job!

Recently, the equipment service of Verwater SJR purchased 130 new WatchGas QGM 4-gas detectors through our master distributor 7Solutions in Gas Detection. Because they also decided for QGM 5-Way Stackable Charg...

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Do you detect styrene (C8H8) in your application?

The pharmaceutical industry and perfumeries are using small quantities of styrene as an additive in perfumes and medicine. It is also used in the chemical industry as a solvent to synthesize polyester resins.C8...

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Hydrogen sulfide (H2S is a colourless gas with a characteristic odor of rotten eggs

People can be exposed to H2S in the air while working with ‘sour’ oil and gas or in waste applications, like landfills and biogas plants.H2S is deadly, and do not trust your senses when H2S can be present. ...

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