For Bumping And Calibration

The POLI MonoDock (MP400T) is a docking and calibration station for the POLI Multi-Gas Detectors. The MonoDock for the POLI pumped version provides fast and easy calibration or bump testing: just place the POLI in the bay, connect the cable, and push start. 

All calibrations and bump test results are stored in onboard memory as a compliance record downloadable separate from the instruments themselves. The docking station is designed to operate with the four commonly measured gases Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Methane (CH4), plus Isobutylene for PID bump/calibration. The MonoDock has rechargeable batteries and is portable for remote use. 

Key Features 

  • Simple & Fast: One-button operation for either bump test or calibration;
  • High Capacity: 2000 calibration or bump record storage in reliable FLASH Memory;
  • Convenient: Records can be downloaded without the POLI in place; 
  • Portable: Battery power for up to 1000 bump tests;
  • Robust: All-in-one hard case.

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For Absolute Convenience And Mobility

The WatchGas gas bottles offer absolute convenience and mobility. The calibration gases are perfect for providing limited volumes. The gas or gas mixture is the ideal solution for the calibration of your portable and/or fixed gas detector device. In our assortment, you can find various types and sizes, of which the 34Ltr, 58ltr, 116ltr (aluminum), and more like the more common 12ltr, 60ltr, and the 103ltr (steel).

Size 23.5cm x 19.0cm x 10.7cm
Weight 2.0kg
Number of Units One (1) POLI Pump Monitor*
Battery Rechargeable Lithium battery, up to 1000 bump tests on a single charge
Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Humidity 5% ~ 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Event Log 2000 calibration or bump records
Power & Communications Connection USB (type A)
Test Gas Supply Cylinder(s) and regulator(s) (not included) outside MonoDock
Demand flow regulator(s) required
Built-in pump for air or test gas
Gas Connections Quick-connects for 6-mm o.d. tubing;
2 test gas inlets for calibration/bump;
Air inlet for zeroing
Calibration Gases** Gas mix with up to 4 gases:
-Oxygen (O2)
-Carbon Monoxide (CO)
-Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
-Flammable Gases (CH4, C3H8, C5H12 etc)
-Isobutylene (for PID)
Safety Certifications For use in non-hazardous locations
Warranty 1 year

* The POLI MonoDock is currently only suitable for pumped POLI devices
** Operation with other toxic gases is not available at this time. Please check WatchGas for availability