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Butane (C4H10)

Butane (C4H10)

Butane (C4H10) is an alkane hydrocarbon. This gas is produced while refining crude petroleum or in natural gas deposits. It is mainly used filled in cylinders as a household fuel (water heater, cooker, heating). However butane is used in industrial enviroments as well, particularly in the synthesis process of ethylene, proylene or butadiene.


Butane effects on health

If inhaled, butane can have severe consequences on human health that can lead to death (asphyxia, ventricular fibrillation). Butane combustion can also lead to these hazards as it exhausts harmfull substances like nitrogen dioxide. When combustion is incomplete – because of an oxygen deficiency – butance combustion produces carbon and carbon monxide as well.

When its concentration reaches 17,000 ppm, butane is central nervous system depressant. At high levels, it acts like a simple asphyxiating agent that can move the necessary to breathing oxygen. It is also dangerous in confined spaces where its concentration has to stay under 10% of the LEL (lower explosivie limit) – 1,600 ppm.

Butane is slightly soluble intor water but dissolves into alcohol and ether. Odourless and colourless, it is gaseous at room temperature but can liquefy at relatively low pressure levels. Butane is highly flammable. It easily ignites in presence of static elextricity, flame or any other ignition source. Between 1.6 and 8.4%, it forms an explosive mixture with air.

Compatible products

  • Versatile

  • Multi gas

QGM icon arrow

The WatchGas QGM is a versatile multi-gas monitor engineered to keep you and your staff safe while working in hazardous environments.

  • Many sensor options

  • Multi gas

POLI icon arrow

The WatchGas POLI in pumped version is an advanced instrument with an integrated pump that enables a full range of sensors for a variety of applications, including confined space entry.

safe area monitor
  • Safe area solution

  • Transportable

AirWatch Mk1.2 icon arrow

The AirWatch is your safe area solution for the monitoring of various gases. Based on the measurement values and alarms, equipment is switched on or off, data is logged and optionally employees are remotely informed of the gas concentrations present.

gas sensor
  • Wide range of sensors

  • Versatile

XDI icon arrow

The XDI-F1 Gas Sensor is capable of utilizing a wide range of sensor cell types offering an unmatched number of gases that may be monitored. Standard 4~20mA signaling with CANbus address enables the sensors to be networked via the WatchGas Combi control system or customer preferred monitoring systems.

Explosion proof gas detector
  • Wide range of sensors

  • Versatile

XDIwin icon arrow

The XDI gas sensor is capable of utilizing a wide range of sensor cell types offering an unmatched number of configurations allowing for a simple stand-alone 4~20mA transmitter

15J(win) / 30J(win) gas transmitter
  • Gas sensor

  • Gas transmitter

15J(win) / 30J(win) icon arrow

The 30J enclosure has been designed to allow quick and easy access to its interior by adjustment of two allen screws, this factor is a major consideration when large system service and calibrations are being carried out.