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Ozone (O3)

Ozone (O3)

Naturally present in the atmospehere, trioxygen (O3) – most commonly known as ozone – is naturally released by nitrogen oxides (NOx). Ozone is also industrially produced through electrical shocks in tubular generators. It is used for wastewater treatment (water ionization) but also for printing works (laser radiation) and ardc welding with inert gases.


Ozone effects on health

Ozone (O3) taint varies from colourless to blue with a bleack-like pungent smell, detectable from 0.01 ppm. Non-flammable, ozone is a strong oxidizer and can ignite explosions. Although its toxicity depends on several factors (temperature, pressure, concentration), ozone is very harmful for the breathing system (lungs, nose, throat) and can irritate the eyes.

Compatible products

  • Sustainable

  • Single gas

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The UNI Sustainable is a sustainable single gas detector that offers a simple portable solution for a wide array of toxic gases and O2 (oxygen) applications.

15J(win) / 30J(win) gas transmitter
  • Gas sensor

  • Gas transmitter

15J(win) / 30J(win) icon arrow

The 30J enclosure has been designed to allow quick and easy access to its interior by adjustment of two allen screws, this factor is a major consideration when large system service and calibrations are being carried out.