NEW: UNI Sustainable Phosgene (COCl2)

2004 Fuzhou, China. A laboratory accidentally released phosgene into the air. Over 240 people ended up in the hospital and one even lost his life. This gas is extremely harmful to your health. Exposure to high concentrations COCl2 may cause coughing, nausea and even heart failure. 

Are you working in, for example, the industry of producing plastics or pesticides and in need to detect Phosgene? Our UNI Sustainable has over 28 different sensor options and 31 different models available, among which the new Phosgene sensor.

 Some benefits of the UNI Sustainable:
-ATEX approved;  
-Light-weighted and small;
-Between 2-5 years sensor life (depending on sensor);
-31 models are available for over 28 different gases (and growing!).

Interested in the possibilities of our UNI Sustainable or any of our other products? Please contact us or your nearest distributor.