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Everything you need to know about pentane (C5H12)

Pentane (C5H12) is one of the most volatile liquid alkanes at ambient temperature.

Therefore, it is often used in laboratories as a solvent that can evaporate quickly and easily. However, this gas can be found in more applications. Pentane can also be added to refrigerant systems as a refrigerant fluid additive or to produce (polystyrene) foams.

Even though Pentane can be highly useful, it can also be highly dangerous for your health. At very high concentration levels, confusion signs or even convulsive coma may occur.

Working with Pentane and in need to detect is, so you can guarantee your safety? WatchGas has multiple portable and fixed gas detection solutions ready for you, such as our 4-gas QGM or fixed transmitter like the 10+.

Interested in all our solutions to detect Pentane? Take a look at our gas library, or get in touch with us or your nearest WatchGas distributor. We gladly keep you safe.



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