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A man down detector with a man down sensor adds true value to any work environment, for example employees who work with dangerous gases. WatchGas has a fitting solution for all your gas detection challenges. Our Research & Development team designs the detectors – such as our man down detector with high-quality sensor – based on our customers’ needs.

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The importance of a man down detector

In 2020, around 65,000 non-fatal injuries are reported in Great Britain. 29% of these injuries were caused by a trip, fall or slip on the same level. The most common fatal injury was a fall from height: 35 workers lost their lives as a result of this. This means that a superior man down detector that we – as a manufacturer of high-quality gas detection equipment – offer, is indispensable for a healthy and safe work environment. A man down detector – also called an incapacitation alarm – provides a quick emergency response if the sensor detects that the user has slipped, tripped, fallen, has become immobile or has a health issue. Besides the environmental risks, the man down sensor offers support when the user is faced with social risks, such as violent or aggressive behavior.

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In short, our man down sensor makes sure your workers are safe. We also offer a gas detector with a 4-sensor and a CO2 gas detector. Browse our wide range of gas detection products. Should you have any questions about our gas detection equipment, do not hesitate to contact us. You reach us by calling +31 (0)85 018 77 09 or by sending an e-mail to We will gladly tell you more!